Flexible Office Space

Flexible Office Space

Hot desking is a flexible work space sharing model in which employees outnumber desks. WebFones makes flexible work space possible with a Hot Desking feature, allowing users to login to any phone.

All Polycom phones now have a Hotdesk button located in the soft-key list below the screen. Pressing Hotdesk will ask for an extension number and password (which is your voicemail pin). Once you login, the phone will reboot and become you phone until you press the logout button and return the phone to its previous state.

When designing office spaces, you can locate unassigned phones in flexible office space areas for exclusive use by people who are Hot Desking. These phones will not allow outbound calls until users log into their extension. Phones that are assigned to users can also be used for Hot Desking and have a Hotdesk button allowing it to be temporarily used by someone else.

Hot Desking provides a way for companies to adapt to the changing economy and take advantage of multi-location collaboration. Now company representatives can easily setup their desk at any company location so that they can collaborate on a project.