What is WebFones?

WebFones is a complete phone system and service delivered from the internet replacing your phone lines, phone system equipment and phone maintenance contracts. It is fundamentally different from traditional phone service because your customers can reach you anywhere you happened to be connected to the internet. This means that multiple business locations, home offices and remote employees can all work together to take care of customers without the normal technological challenges of having multiple phone systems and services.

Here are some summary details about WebFones Business VoIP:

  • redundant, secure cloud-hosted service
  • no phone system equipment to buy or maintain
  • unaffected by power or internet outages at any one location
  • makes it easy to switch internet providers or move without changing your phone numbers
  • delivers calls to your VoIP phones or mobile phone regardless of location
  • offers a full featured business phone system with all advanced features included
Multiple Locations One Phone System

Many Devices. One Application.

A single application conforms optimally to the display on whatever mobile device or computer you need to use. Manage contacts, voicemail and even dial your phone using a responsive web application that is included with your service.

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