How Webfones Works

Need a home office? Just bring a phone home and plug it in. Need to move? Just unplug your phones at your current location and plug them into the internet connection at the new location. Your phone numbers continue to work.

Unlike traditional phones, WebFones VoIP phones plug directly into your computer network and connect digitally over the internet to your phone system. This is how calls to a single number can ring phones at different locations simultaneously the same way a traditional onsite phone system can ring multiple phones at a single office. WebFones has simply replaced phone lines and the wires that connect phones to phone systems with the internet (a.k.a the cloud).

Here are some of the advantages of locating a phone system in the cloud:

  • Local power outages will no longer knock out your phone system or ability to store voicemail.
  • Easily supports multiple locations, including home offices and mobile users.
  • Zero maintenance. No need to purchase, maintain or upgrade onsite phone system equipment.
WebFones connects using the internet instead of phone lines.