"The personalized customer service I received in setting up and activating the account was outstanding. The customer service representative walked me through the process and patiently listened to what I wanted to achieve and presented me with solutions as to how this could be achieved using WebFones. Thank you for all your help and I strongly recommend this service to anybody that is looking for an alternative to a traditional telephone system."

Per Bokmand
Bang & Olufsen Cincinnati

"WebFones has made it incredibly easy to have a phone system which can connect directly to LightSpeed. We have been thrilled with them. We can pull up a customer in LightSpeed and press call and the phone at that station starts connecting us to the customer."

Jonathan Bloom
Bloomin Beads, Etc.

"WebFones is part of our communications team here at Louisiana Family Medicine. They have automated our phone processes, made our day-to-day operations more efficient at our practice. They have a reliable system and are easy to work with. When Hurricane Isaac came through, we took one of the phones home, we set it up at our home with our generator and we were able to keep our internet running and answer our phone from home with the internet connection. The ease and reliability of using their product allowed us not to have any down time with our practice and meet the needs of our patients. Anytime we have had any issue with WebFones, its been an internet issue. They are easy to work with and available 247 for training and troubleshooting. We can count on their product and their awesome service."

Dr. L. Lee Montgomery, M.D.
Louisiana Family Medicine

"I operate a full-spectrum, direct care, family medicine office in rural Maine and could not be more satisfied with the services provided by webFones. They offer first-class telecommunication solutions with exceptional customer service. In particular, the follow-me and voicemail-to-email features are key to my daily operations. These features afford my patients the opportunity to contact me regardless of my physical location. The intuitive, user-friendly interface allows on the spot modification to my office schedule and menu options."

Jack Forbush, DO
Osteopathic Center for Family Medicine

"We have used WebFones since 2012. Their staff have always been professional, responsive, courteous and prompt in their dealings with us. The features offered by WebFones, including a soft phone and home office phone are excellent, as is the overall call quality. We have absolutely no reservations about recommending WebFones to others."

Randy Reis
Reis Law PLLC

"Webfones has helped us offer our clients the best phone solution for a Virtual Office. Now they have access to their phones wherever they are, whenever they want, setting them free from the traditional office phone. A fully featured PBX follows them everywhere they go."

Alejandro Rivera
Ariva Business Center

"We have been using Webfones for more than 5 years for our business. The system has been able to grow with us. When we started we had maybe 2 or 3 phones and a few extensions, now we have 15 phones and probably 20 or 30 extensions and mailboxes. Webfones has been able to help us add things like 800# access, conference bridges, multiple lines for adding callers. Our virtual attendant messages and online access to voicemail. Having the system follow us when we are not in the office has been a great feature. All the while Webfones has been fantastic on support. We are always able to get a response from a support person when we need them. We had tried other services in the VOIP world and have stayed with Webfones because we can rely on them."

Phillip Hamitlon

"Having been a user for many years, I have been very pleased with Webfones. Their thoughtful innovation to a changing marketplace, has increase our productivity as well as our ability to be connected to our clients. Webfones has changed the landscape of how we do business, and would recommend it highly."

Benjamin Brayshaw
Crown Capital Advisors, Inc.

"Webfones is saving us hundreds of dollars a month on our phone bill and the quality, service, and hardware selection are top shelf. Its handy to get voicemails in our email inbox and to be able to plug a phone into the Internet anywhere in the country and receive calls just like were at the office."

DW Horton
Welder Series Inc.