Business Phone

Business Phone System

WebFones Business VoIP is a complete phone system and service delivered from the cloud. While the Cloud offers a variety of benefits, it is the idea that you can use any internet connection that makes WebFones Business VoIP fundamentally different from traditional phone systems and service.

Let's think about your internet connection for a moment. What if someone told you that you could only access your email from your office? Wouldn't we consider that pretty limiting? Even so, we've come to accept that we have to be behind our desk to answer the office phone. WebFones changes all that.

Since WebFones Business VoIP is a centralized phone system in the cloud, it also makes it possible for your employees to work from any location with an internet connection.

You may have guessed that unlike traditional phones, WebFones Business VoIP phones plug into your computer network. When they turn on, they connect digitally over the internet to your phone system. That is how they are able to receive calls.

Need a home office? Just bring a phone home and plug it in. Need to move? Just unplug your phones at your current location and plug them into the internet connection at the new location. Your phone numbers continue to work.

We reply on being able to get our email from anywhere, now you can connect to the business phone system from anywhere also.

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