Call Forwarding

Call Forwarding

Call Forwarding is the ability to forward a call to another phone number. While many phone services promote call forwarding as a differentiating feature, growing businesses often need more than just the ability to forward calls to a cell phone or answering service. They need sophisticated call handling.

WebFones Business VoIP offers several types of call forwarding to cover a range of call handling requirements:

Find-Me: Activate this feature, and before a call to your phone goes to voicemail, WebFones rings as many as 6 other phone numbers to find you. When the call reaches you, you can check caller ID before deciding whether to answer or let the call continue on to voicemail.

Simultaneous Ring: Set up incoming calls ring multiple phones and cell phones at the same time.

Simultaneous Ring with Call Tagging: Tag calls in caller ID to show for whom the incoming call was intended. For instance, you might prepend an "S:" to the beginning of all sales calls so you can tell why type of caller is ringing your phone.

Multiple Office Locations: Ring phone extensions in multiple locations at the same time. This feature eliminates the need for traditional call-forwarding, because multiple phones at different locations ring at the same time.

Plus, Traditional Call Forwarding: Send the call directly to an outside telephone number.

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