Mobile VoIP

Mobile VoIP

Mobile VoIP or simply mVoIP is an extension of mobility to a Voice over IP network. Two types of communication are generally supported: cordless/DECT/PCS protocols for short range or campus communications where all base stations are linked into the same WIFI LAN, and wider area communications using 4G protocols.

There are a few methodologies that allow a mobile handset to be integrated into a VoIP network. One implementation turns the mobile device into a standard SIP phone client over a high speed network or 4G. Another implementation of mobile integration uses a phone system (PBX) to bridge between VoIP and the cell phone network.

WebFones Business VoIP offers support for mVoIP using both popular methodologies. Any iPhone or Android phone or device can be turned into a soft phone when high speed communications (LAN, WIFI or 4G) are available. It also supports using mobile devices as remote extensions over the cell phone network. These two combined provide maximum flexibility.

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WebFones Wiki - Mobile Phone This option allows the cell phone to be used for outbound dialing without configuring it to ring for inbound calls. This means that when you dial through your software applications, your cell phone will ring in addition to your desk phone.