Phone Number

Phone Numbers (DIDs)

WebFones sophisticated routing capabilities go beyond forwarding calls to a receptionist or menu tree. Support for Direct Inward Dial (DID) means specific incoming numbers can be routed automatically to specific extensions, so that specific callers directly reach a specific person, department, and/or message and menu when dialing your main number.

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WebFones Wiki - Caller ID The Caller ID is the number that appears on the device of the person called from the user?s extension. Caller IDs can be set globally for all calls coming from the company and on a per-user-extension basis.
WebFones Wiki - Phone Number Welcome Greeting While it's not necessary to set a Welcome Greeting, a short greeting can polish your image and improve the caller?s experience. For example, you can greet the caller with a short "Thank you for calling ABC company" message before routing the call. If the caller is going to be routed to an automated menu of choices next, the welcome greeting should complement the menu prompts.
WebFones Wiki - Phone Number Next Action This option specifies where incoming calls should be routed after the welcome greeting has been played.
WebFones Wiki - Phone Numbers The Phone Numbers page allows you to configure how you want calls to be routed when each phone number is dialed. Each phone number should be routed either to a menu, menu option or user extension. The routing rules can be different for daytime and after-hours according to a custom schedule you can specify for each number, as well as other advanced options.
WebFones Wiki - Phone Number Caller ID Tagging Modifying the descriptor for Inbound Caller ID enables you to identify what numbers callers are using to call in on by adding a tag to the Caller ID. Replacing the Caller ID and adding a prefix are both supported.
WebFones Wiki - Phone Number Fax Server Any phone number can be turned into a fax server as long as it supports T38. To enable this capability, turn Fax Server ON and enter the email address in the box provided. (Note that not all phone numbers are fax-capable.
WebFones Wiki - Phone Number First Ring The First Ring rings an extension, or group of extensions, in order to give you an opportunity to pick up the phone before it goes to an auto attendant menu. The Play Greeting Before First Ring option gives you the option to play the company greeting before the first ring. Otherwise it will be played after.
WebFones Wiki - Specifying 911 Number The 911 tab provides a way for you to identify which physical office address is associated with what 911 Emergency number so that when a user dials 911, the number that is associated with the proper address in the National Caller ID database. Once this is setup for a number, each user and each phone has the ability to over-ride the default 911 location. You must setup a different phone number for each 911 location.