Virtual PBX

Virtual PBX

A Virtual PBX is a phone system that is hosted on the internet (cloud) instead of a physical PBX that is hosted on-site. While Virtual PBX systems in the cloud offers a variety of benefits, it is the idea that you can use any internet connection that makes it fundamentally different from traditional phone systems and service.

WebFones Business VoIP is a Virtual PBX system. You may have guessed that unlike with traditional phone systems, VoIP phones plug into any computer network and connect to a virtual PBX located in the cloud. There are no phone lines, local phone service or anything additional you have to pay for.

Need a home office? Just bring a phone home and plug it in. Need to move? Just unplug your phones at your current location and plug them into the internet connection at the new location. Your phone numbers continue to work. These are some of the benefits of a Virtual PBX.

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