What is VoIP?

Voice over IP (VoIP) services deliver voice signals digitally, over your computer network, instead of as an analog signal over the copper-wire landline provided by the local phone company.

Not all VoIP is the same. Sometimes cable and internet companies use VoIP to deliver services that just mimic traditional phone lines. These often use the technology without offering any advantages.

WebFones Business VoIP uses a cloud-hosted phone system that eliminates the need for phone lines and makes your phone system as accessible as email over any internet connection. Cloud-hosted means that all phone devices connect to the phone system over the same network your computers use to access the internet.

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VoIP Explained http://webfones.com/overview/voipexplained With more than 100 years of analog telephone history behind us, it can be difficult to grasp the new possibilities that digital phone technologies bring. Too often these new technologies are used merely to mimic the past. Sometimes, it's even a struggle to find the language we need to describe the changes. For instance, we continue to talk about "phone lines," when it is often no longer really what we mean.

VoIP (Voice over IP), the technology that digitizes and delivers voice via the Internet, has the potential to change how we do business. While phone services delivered from the Internet may offer cost savings, the most significant benefits can be seen in the ways it empowers businesses to think and work differently.