Voicemail to Email

Voicemail to Email

The Voicemail to Email feature offers a new way to keep track of your voicemail messages.

Instead of having to call in to get your messages, Voicemail to Email/IMAP delivers the messages with the caller ID in the subject to mail application. That way you can quickly scan and decide which are the most important ones to listen to first. Voicemail to Email can also be easily accessed on most smart phones.

WebFones Business VoIP fully supports Voicemail to Email, web mail and traditional methods of getting voicemail.

See also: IMAP Voicemail

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WebFones Wiki - Voicemail to EMail http://webfones.wikidot.com/user-extensions-voicemail Turning this option ON automatically sends voicemail message as a WAV file attachment, in addition to delivering the voicemail to the webFones PBX web interface and inbox on the phone system.
WebFones Wiki - Voicemail IMAP Storage http://webfones.wikidot.com/user-extensions-voicemail Turning this option ON to have voicemail stored on the IMAP server and to have the red light on your phone indicate that you have a voicemail waiting.
WebFones Wiki - Voicemail http://webfones.wikidot.com/user-extensions-voicemail Voicemail allows callers to leave messages for users on the system. Here is how you set it up.
WebFones Wiki - Voicemail Distribution Groups http://webfones.wikidot.com/vm-pager-groups WebFones also has the ability to distribute voicemail to a group of users similar to an email alias broadcasts a single email to multiple people.