WebFones is all about connecting customers to the people who can help them. One way to do this is through advanced features that are specifically designed to make the customer experience as streamlined as possible.

  • Here are a list of key features relevant for growth businesses:
    Track Advertising

    Use different inbound phone numbers to automatically track sources of advertising, such as magazines, google ads, and other advertising. Tagging callers allows you to know the source as you answer calls.

    Support Multiple Communication Types

    Customers now expect to be able to call, text, or visit you on your website. That is why WebFones offers multiple channels of communications so your customers can text, call, and live chat with your company agents through our software. Special backchannel technology routes text messages to even the company agents on mobile devices, and connects them with an integrated ticketing system for issue tracking.

    Customize Music On Hold

    WebFones also allows you to broadcast special offers or custom advertising when callers are waiting for your representative to answer. Multiple music on hold programs can be specified for different business units.

    Add Flexible Space with Hot Desking

    Flexible office space is a new trend in medium-sized businesses. A feature called hot-desking allows phones to be shared among representatives and allows people visiting other business locations to 'login' to their phone extension from any phone. When they login, the phone becomes their phone and the desk becomes their desk.

    Support Multiple Locations

    With WebFones, physical location is irrelevant because phones can communicate with the system independently over any internet connection. This means that a business with multiple locations can easily centralize or decentralize business functions. Store locations can easily transfer calls to a central customer service group or order processing. Agents for any group can also physically work in multiple locations.

    Support Multiple Organizations or Brands

    WebFones also allows franchises or related businesses to operate under their own brand and phone number while still sharing important centralized business functions. Shared departments can track where callers originated from.

    Record and Track Calls

    WebFones offers complete call recording and call tracking throughout the system, and we can automatically notify callers at the appropriate time that calls may be recorded for quality assurance purposes? before they speak to a customer service representative. Sophisticated security allows only specific people in your organization to listen to specific recordings.

    Analyze Call Traffic, Better Decision Making

    The WebFones reporting system allows you to extract very detailed information about calls, calling patterns, advertising sources and agent effectiveness. Filters and summary criteria can be applied to extract the the information you need, and a full CSV download is provided so that you can do further analysis of data in an Excel spreadsheet.

    Keep Track of Customers

    The WebFones integrated CRM system will synchronize with Google Contacts and mobile devices while providing a central repository tracking all notes, call recordings, tickets, and voicemails.

    See the Contact when you answer the call with Call Pop-ups

    When your phone rings, receive a simultaneous notification link which will allow you to have the contact record and history on your screen when you answer the phone.