Most successful small business owners know that 85% of the time, the first company to respond to a client gets the business. That is why WebFones has risen to the challenge by delivering a platform with multiple channels of communication to increase your chances of closing new business. The key is an internet-based phone system that is as efficient as a cell phone to your customers while also allowing the safety-net of more company representatives and better internal collaboration to exist.

  • With WebFones, you can:
    Read Voicemail

    WebFones uses artificial intelligence to transcribe your voicemail into text so you don't have to leave important meetings to listen to your messages.

    Text with Customers

    Now, multiple people can respond to customer text messages via mobile devices and/or computers.

    Track Customer Requests

    and assign them to company agents so nothing falls through the cracks.

    Add Live Help

    to your website that allows someone online to connect to your mobile devices.

    Keep Track of Customers

    The WebFones integrated CRM system will synchronize with Google Contacts and mobile devices, all while providing a central repository for tracking all notes, call recordings, tickets, and voicemails.

    Keep mobile contacts in sync

    with Google Contact syncing. WebFones contact data will stay in sync with multiple mobile devices.

    Contact Call Pop-ups

    allow you to see who you are talking with. When your phone rings, receive a simultaneous notification link which will allow you to bring up the contact record and history on your screen when you answer the phone.