Frequently Asked Questions

Will my phone system support mobile workers and home offices?

Yes. WebFones supports multiple locations and phone devices for each user, so you can be connected wherever you happen to be!

Will my mobile phone ring with my desk phone?

Yes! Your mobile devices can be linked to ring with your desk phone. It is completely configurable, so you can set your mobile phone to ring always, only in certain circumstances, or only during certain hours.

Can I keep my existing phone numbers?

Yes. Use our porting process to move your phone numbers into WebFones!

Can I keep the same phone number even if I move to a different town or state?

Yes. In fact, with Webfones, your physical location doesn't matter at all, as long as you are connected to the internet! All you need to do is plug your phone into the new internet connection at the new location.

Can I share phone numbers and capacity among office locations?

Yes. Phones that are connected to any internet connection can share the same phone system and capacity even if they are at physically different locations.

Can I set up phones in two locations and assign the same extension number?

Yes. Users with a home office will typically put a phone at home and a phone in the office which are set to ring at the same time. You can define multiple desk-phones, soft-phones, and a mobile phone under a single user extension to share the same settings, speed dial, and voicemail box.

Can I upload my own attendant prompt sound files?

Yes. WebFones allows you to upload your own professional sound files! You can also record them on a handset using a phone extension. Alternatively, WebFones provides a Text-to-Speech feature which is excellent for creating menus.

Does WebFones use my existing internet connection?

Yes. You can use any high-speed Internet connection from any location worldwide to receive calls. Usually, no configuration is required, but we do have a network configuration sheet to help with configuring restrictive firewalls.

Can I access the contact management system, listen to voicemail, and dial my cell phone using my iPad?

Yes. The iPad is fully supported and can be used for contact management access, dialing, and web-voicemail retrieval.

Are there any termination penalties if I decide to cancel my service?

No. Some phone providers have hidden termination penalties in the fine print, but we don't. We are that sure WebFones services will meet your expectations.

If I dial 911 from my VoIP phone will they know the location?

Yes, provided that you have set up the e911 for your extension at that location. You can dial 933 from any phone to verify that your e911 information is correct.

Can I set up a phone number in a different town or state?

Yes. Webfones allows you to reserve any phone number in the USA or Canada.

Can I see the Caller ID Name of callers?

Yes. WebFones shows the caller ID information, as well as supports call tagging so you'll know how a caller reached your extension (for instance, if they dialed sales).

Will my phone service provide advanced features, such as busy lights?

Yes. WebFones supports the advanced features you would expect in traditional company phone systems, like status indicators, which are extension buttons that light up to show who is on the phone. If you want this feature, be sure to choose a phone that supports it.

Can I transfer calls between locations using extension numbers?

Yes. WebFones allows employees in any location to call or transfer calls to phones at other locations just by entering the internal extension number.

How much configuration is required to get my phones working?

None. Phone configurations are centrally provisioned so phones auto-configure themselves to the extension you specify on the website.