WebFones was founded in 2004, with the release of its first commercial hosted Voice over Internet (VoIP) business solution, which empowers companies with multiple locations to share a single phone system, working with the same ease as if everyone were working in a single location.

Development of the WebFones product dates back to 2001 when OpenBase International, the developer of OpenBase SQL, began searching for a way to decentralize their business. OpenBase needed the freedom to hire the best talent, which often meant hiring people who were well-established in another city or country. After trying available VoIP solutions and finding them inadequate - especially in terms of reliability, call quality, and even rudimentary business phone system features - OpenBase decided to build their own VoIP business phone system.

Applying experience gained in designing fault-tolerant database systems, OpenBase engineers built a fault-tolerant telecommunications switching network that became the foundation of WebFones - and is also in use today at several telecommunications carriers, processing millions of calls per day.

Several months after deploying the first version of the WebFones business phone system in its own company, OpenBase got a call from one of its long-time customers, Box Office Tickets. Box Office Tickets needed a phone system to connect all of its offices and call centers was looking for advice. Soon after, Box Office Tickets became the second company to begin using WebFones - and has used it ever since.

Over the years, WebFones has continued to develop its solution, partnering with telecommunications carriers and other solution providers to provide a complete cloud-hosted VoIP business phone system with the reliability, quality, and advanced features businesses need to easily and affordably manage all aspects of voice communications across multiple locations and mobile devices.