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While WebFones has all-inclusive pricing with most features, you can choose to upgrade some features for a small monthly cost.

+ Phone Numbers


+ Call Recording & Storage


+ Text Messaging


WebFones Users Explained

The WebFones User Policy recognizes that a single user might have many devices. Unlike other phone services, WebFones does not charge fees for extra devices if they belong to a single user. In this way, a user can connect their office, mobile, and home office phones without being charged for additional users.

In cases where phone extensions are not user-specific or are shared at a single location, each extra device counts as an additional user. When calls are forwarded through WebFones to a third-party where users cannot be counted, a metered forwarding rate will be applied.

Know What You're Paying For.

In most marketing material, the low price you see comes with a long-term contract, a small number of users, and the lowest amount of features.


Here are a few essential features that are often excluded from competing base packages:

  • Multi-level Auto Attendant

  • Hot Desking

  • Voicemail Transcription

  • Multiple Recorded Greetings

  • Hold Queues

  • Fax


Other companies will reel you in with a low starting price.

What you don't see is the percentage of features they’re actually including.

Let's take a look at how WebFones stacks up when we compare the percentage of features included in the base price.

Price and percentage of features found on company websites Sept. 2021

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