WebFones Partner Program

At WebFones, we market cloud-based services primarily through partner companies that can help us produce customer satisfaction on an ongoing basis. Since the scope of our services does not include a customer’s LAN or network services, we value partnerships with IT companies to offer continued support. The Partnership Program was developed to reward partners for both the initial customer referral and maintaining an ongoing relationship with the customer.

Partner Responsibilities
  • Partners must be organized as a legal company entity (LLC, S-Corporation or Corporation) with a business address and EIN number. They must maintain in good standing with their state.

  • Partners are required: (a) to primarily provide IT services to clients, or (b) to run a software development company that has a product with customizations which integrate with WebFones.

  • Partners are required to maintain ongoing relationships with customers and to be able to assist if problems arise with the customer’s network or phones. Partners can charge the customer for extra services they provide.

  • Partners agree not to recommend/sell similar cloud-hosted phone services for commission. On-site phone systems are excluded and not considered to be be similar.

  • Partners must actively sell WebFones services. Each Partner needs to signup at least two new customers every year to remain an active Partner.

  • Partners may occasionally be required to complete training on how to configure phone systems for customers.

WebFones Role with Customers
  • During the signup process, a customer referral’s information is treated as the Partner’s “confidential information” and contact with that customer will be coordinated with the partner.

  • Once the sale has been made, WebFones is allowed to communicate directly with that customer in order to provide services, technical support or resolve billing issues.

  • WebFones may also seek testimonials, references, and success stories from the customer.

WebFones reserves the right to cancel a Partner’s privileges if they fail to fulfill their responsibilities or they are found to have behaved unethically.

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