• Powerfully Simple Phones

    cloud-based phone systems designed to enhance your business

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  • Powerfully Simple Phones

    cloud-based phone systems designed to enhance your business

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And you thought buying a phone system had to be complicated...

Flat Rates

$25/month per-user for 99% of our powerful features.

Clear Policies

No long-term contracts, asterisks, or fine print. What you see is what you get.

High-Quality Features

Get all the powerful features your company needs to succeed.

Our Simple, 3-Step Plan



Schedule a call to discuss your company's specific needs and goals.



Our experts will design a phone system that will work for your company.



WebFones will oversee the deployment and the ongoing progress of your system as your company grows and your goals change.

The Office In Your Pocket

What about remote workers?

Are you prepared to have key employees work from home if you need to? See how WebFones makes it easy for employees to work from home.

Our Promise to You

No Tricks

No long-term contracts, hidden fees or fine print. We operate with straightforward monthly pricing, and you can leave at any time with no strings attached.


Your success is our success. We help you succeed with expert support and customizable features.


Reliability is a top priority. Our geo-redundant network protects you from phone service outages.


Base pricing includes all the features you will need, like voicemail transcription, texting, call recording, and much more.

Frustrated with your phone system?

Don't let fixable problems be the issue:

Too Complicated?

If your current phone service contract has tricky wording and complicated rules, it's hindering you.

Too Expensive?

The costs pile up. Fees, scams, and overpriced service never come from a company that cares.

Poor Quality?

Your phone service does the bare minimum and doesn't perform in a way that makes your work day a breeze.

It doesn't have to be complicated.

  • Three Things to Avoid When Buying a Business VOIP System

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Don't Settle For Restrictive Phone Services

At WebFones, we know that you want to be a company that maximizes every opportunity for your growth and success. When it comes to VoIP phone systems, you need a system that is specifically designed to enhance your company. The problem is that most internet phone systems are not actively helping a company succeed, whether from being hard to use, overpriced, or just not being useful at all. This makes you feel limited by those phones and powerless to find anything better. We believe that companies should be able to maximize their phone system's potential to enhance their business, and have the freedom to do just that.

That is why we have offered a personalized approach to internet business phones systems since 2004 that allows companies to adapt to whatever comes their way.

Here's how we do it:
  1. We schedule a consultation call with you to establish your company's goals.
  2. We design your phone system to enhance your company's ability to meet those goals.
  3. We help you get that phone system running and provide ongoing support if it needs to be further enhanced.

So, schedule a consultation call today. And in the meantime, check out our helpful PDF titled "Things You Need to Know Before Buying a VoIP Business Phone System." So you can stop being limited or trapped by your phone system, and instead have the freedom to maximize your phone system for your company's success.